UQ Seismogram Database

Explanation of Event Types

Triggered seismograms are analysed by a Seismologist each week.
Each triggered seismogram is assigned one of the following event types:

A man-made explosion originating at a local Mine or Quarry
Local Earthquake
An earthquake located in South-East Queensland
A distant earthquake, usually occuring on the boundary of the Australian and Pacific Tectonic Plates
Noise from a variety of sources including cars, animals, electrical interference etc.
Other Noise
A Noise signal whose origin is under investigation
An event type is yet to be assigned by a Seismologist

The Seismogram Database contains all of the seismograms recorded by the UQ seismographs since June 2004. The seismogram below is the most recently archived seismogram. To see past seismograms, use the Seismogram Search dialog to enter a date and station. When you click the Search button, a list of seismograms will appear in this window. Select a seismograph then click Display to view the seismogram. There are also some options for filtering the signal to remove unwanted oscillations. Click on the image to start a Java Applet for analysing the seismogram more closely.

    Signal Filtering
    Frequency Range: